Solution Deliverance Ministration to self and others

Walley teaches the reader to understand the intricacies of deliverance ministration and to avoid the dangerous practices that have discouraged others. She vows that after reading “Solution,” the reader will be blessed as never before.BUY HERE


Prayer is effective when we observe biblical proceedings and respect the laws of God; it is warfare against the enemy of our life and destiny. Curses can be defeated and destroyed when we submit ourselves to scriptural truth. Seeking solutions to matters that are curse-oriented demands that one engage the enemy involved in warfare. Wars cannot be fought to finish instantly without major preparations, and the enemy cannot be defeated or destroyed without effective strategies. BUY HERE

School of Deliverance II:Pulling down Satanic Strongholds

This book enlightens you to identify the activities of the enemy within and around individual and the Christian community. It educates you on how to pull down satanic strongholds and encourages you to disassociate yourself from supporting the agents of Satan ignorantly. BUY HERE

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