School of mentoring and leadership III

Somebody Cares: This book talks about the care that the Lord has for every one of us. It teaches you to pay attention to other people and exercise tolerance towards their shortcomings. You will learn the importance of love and the true meaning as you read this book. BUY HERE

When Satan went to Church


The Holy Spirit, Power of the Spoken Word

There is a purpose for which we speak, and when we speak, we expect something to happen in order for the purpose of the utterance to be fulfilled. This book, The Holy Spirit: Power of the Spoken Word teaches you to exercise your authority, so that the word that you speak would be manifested effectively. BUY HERE

The Holy Spirit Power of The Tongue

This book, teaches you the difference between the power of God and the forces of darkness. It enlightens you about the sources of powers that exist, helps you to understand avenues of prophecies and recognize the true anointing. BUY HERE

The Holy Spirit ,the uniqueness of His presence

The presence of the Lord is a hunger that everyone seeks for. This book, “The Holy Spirit: The Uniqueness of His Presence” enables you to experience the presence of the Lord. It helps you to know the purpose of His visitation, and to understand how to conduct yourself whenever you get into an encounter. BUY HERE

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