Progressive Solution Prayers

In Progressive Solution Prayers for Fruitfulness and Fulfillment, author Dr. Pauline Walley-Daniels shows you it is possible to transform your prayer life, improve your prayer language, and be connected with the Holy Spirit to facilitate a deeper relationship with God. BUY HERE

Renew and maitain your deliverance on Legal grounds

Christians need deliverance? Can a Christian be possessed? Why did Jesus look into the face of Peter before He commanded Satan to get behind Him? This book provides the answers to these and several other questions that many people are seeking. Tap into the knowledge that avails in this book and your life will never be the same again.BUY HERE

School of Prophetic Deliverance

School of Prophetic Deliverance identifies the difference between the gift of prophecy and being a prophet. Many people think that anyone exercising the gift of prophecy is a prophet, but that is not always true. Dr. Pauline Walley-Daniels, a prophetic minister, draws from her valuable experience and biblical examples to give readers the knowledge and education needed to recognize the inspirational gift of prophecy, the call of the prophet, and the difference between self-appointed prophets and those legitimately appointed. BUY HERE

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