Graduation 2015 Testimonies

Hey all! Hey all! Post a comment about our recent PWDI graduation and win an award!


6 Replies to “Graduation 2015 Testimonies”

  1. The graduation was great! Very professional!

  2. Roshane Rowe says:

    Loved the music, the speeches, and you can just feel the presence of God right there in the room!!!

  3. Felicia Asongwe says:

    The graduation night was excellent. From the Professors to the graduating students all gorgeously dressed in their academic robes, the M.C,and the Overcomers stars made it so exciting. To God be the glory.

  4. Felicia Asongwe says:

    PWDI is a place to study , to acquire wisdom ,knowledge and understanding, in the fulfillment of one’s destiny .It is a school where training is structured to meet individual needs and encouragement.. Lectures are delivered in a friendly, professional and interactive atmosphere, and corrections are done with love. In PWDI, the Professors are not only qualified ,but also anointed teachers, with divine insights and revelations for the NOW. It is a place to shape and sharpen your spiritual destiny. Register now ,to join the host of Commanders, Lieutenant Colonels, and Captains in the Army of Jesus Christ , and be Bless.

  5. Millicent Cullum says:

    Graduation was a delight and fulfilment of of our hard work. It was an beautiful sight.
    I love PWDI, I obtained an excellent, well rounded sound biblical instructions and practical education there; and made many new connections and friendships.
    The professors are anointed hard working and dedicated. They made learning exciting and challenging. The courses taught at PWDI have challenged me to grow both in character and spirituality. The environment provided at PWDI is a nurturing, encouraging and one that is designed with purpose to push its students towards their destiny in Christ Jesus. I encourage you to registered and attend this institution for biblical education and instruction. You will not be disappointed.

  6. yvette . matos says:

    Graduation was just a small step to the fulfillment of my education goals. With God’s help and my faith I plan on continuing and completing my studies in ths wonderful school. I feel blessed and honored to be a student at PWDI. I know I have a responsibility to pay it forward, there are many people who need to be exposed to knowledge , please join us study learn and do not be afraid to expand your horizons. Education from PWDI is something you will not regret. God bless all

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