Ask Dr. Pauline

Ask questions about the prophetic, deliverance, prayer, dreams, revelations, relationships, sexual matters, mentoring and leadership and other issues that affect you.

The Prophetic: Have you received any prophetic word that needs interpretation?

Deliverance: Is there any spiritual problem or challenge that needs attention?

Prayer: What about your prayer life and communication with God?

Dreams: What kind of dreams do you often have? Have you had a dream that needs interpretation?

Revelations: Do you know what revelation is and how do you handle revelations you’ve had (visions, trance, flashbacks, interference, etc)?

Relationships: Friendship, dating, courtship, engagement, wedding, co-habiting, boy-girl relationships, etc.

Sexual Matters: Fornication, adultery, pornography, masturbation, same-sex attraction, etc.

Mentoring and Leadership: Personal development, personal/professional aspirations, career opportunities, academic pursuits, progress and advancement, exploration, etc.


Women Deliverance Revolution Army
Women Deliverance Revolution Army



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