The Realms of Ministration – S.O.D. World Convention

School of Prophetic Deliverance World Convention

1/17/2014 (Friday- Morning, Afternoon & Evening Session)


                        “It’s day two of the 9th School of Deliverance. World Convention in New Jersey. The teaching this year is on deliverance and the different types of warfare, along with strategies. One of the most important things I learned was that we should never go into a war unprepared. Even though the Lord God of heaven and earth has equipped us with various types of authority (in the blood of Jesus, the name of Jesus, etc.) It doesn’t mean we can now jump head first into the battle we are facing. There are people who are more spiritually matured than we are, and are therefore in a better position to guide us in the war.  Dr. Pauline said something in particular that sparked my interest and continues to hold my interest. She brought up the fact that it is a good thing to receive gifts and donations, but caution must be taken because of the origin of some of items. In lots of cases people end up making themselves prisoners of war unknowingly because of the history connected to the donated items/gifts. For example, some items (especially if used or old) may have connections to witchcraft, death, and other evil spirits. In simple terms, we can become prisoners of war through the gifts we receive from people.

This is one way for a person to become prisoners of war, but keep in mind that this is not the only way (there are others that you can find in Dr. Pauline’s new  book : Deliverance Solution Prayer). I’m blessed to learn such vital information, I hope these few words help you too. God bless!”

Summary/ Experience written by Sis. Nnenna Kalu (Head of Youth Administration Committee)


Lessons learned from Friday-Morning &Afternoon Session:

1. If you don’t tell your testimony when things happen, then the devil will make you feel dead. Your testimony is your spiritual surgery, that you are testifying about in regards to your life changing moments.

2. A deliverance minister is considered a prayer warrior because they are ministering or in other words fighting on your behalf. God places prayer warriors in the midst of your struggle so that when you are not able to fight others can fight on your behalf.

3. However not everyone is a deliverance minister, some people will say that they are but they do not have to fighting and praying spirit for people. A deliverance minister does not carry around oil, yes oil is good, but you have other weapons and you use those weapons to fight for that person’s life.

4. Deliverance ministration is an act of liberating some from the camp of the enemy in order for the person to be rescued and to be released from their problems.

5. Spiritual prisoners of war are people: who went out to battle without protection; who do not have the respect from the law of the Lord; who lack the knowledge of wisdom; who are highly determined on the battlefront, but ignore important signs/signals

6. Some arrests are not physical arrests, because handcuffs are not being used in the physical, but they are being used in the spiritual. For instance having your licence revoked, you can not drive your car and then you might have to park it to keep it safe. That is the devil putting you in spiritual hand cuffs, to keep you from driving your car.

7. Some times you are also dealing with people who involved in demonic activities, so be careful who you bind and loose because they may just put something on your life.

8. You can not serve two masters, the reason is because when you serve master number one you are disobeying master number two, and then when you serve master number two you are disobeying master number one. You can not praise the Lord and sin with devil at the same time.

9. Envy, jealous and pride are weapons of destruction in the kingdom of God.

Lesson taken from: Chapter 3: The Realms of Ministration of Deliverance Solution Prayer V Strategies: Different Types of Deliverance Warfare by Dr. Pauline Walley – Daniels

Summary Written by: Sis. Roshane Rowe (Social Media Coordinator)

Convention 2014c

“In the evening session Dr. Pauline spoke about bridging the gap between the older generation and the youth generation. By doing this she passes on the baton of the ministry. The youth have become really active in the service, office, and church activities therefore we are all involved in serving God actively.

The sessions topic was prayer of petition . Making a petition is to appeal for divine intervention before God . When petitioning is occurring it is like carrying a child. You feel as though you are actually going through what the person you are praying for is goin through. The prayer you are praying is more than just a five minute prayer but a long term prayer for the person by staying in Gods presence and seeking the Holy Spirits direction for the person.”

Summary by: Sis. Grace Tackie (Youth Music Leader)