What is Deliverance Warfare? – S.O.D. World Convention

School of Prophetic Deliverance World Convention

1/16/2014 (Thursday-Evening Session)

Lessons that were learned from the session:

Convention 2014a



1. Deliverance is about separating life from death. It is a spiritual surgery. Which means that deliverance is used to take away anything that will cause chaos in your life. It is also separating the horror of evil from your life.

2. Warfare is deciding that enough is enough and you want to put an end to it. So what ever is not making your body feel good, it is an interference in your peace, but first you must identify and plan out how to fight the war.

3. When you disagree with somebody, you are disagreeing with a family, a nation, a generation, a cluster of friends. Hence the reason why the Israelites are still in turmoil. It happened because of a disagreement that carried on in the past with that one person, or with that one nation.

4. We need to learn when to investigate matters. The reason is because of the challenges that arise, we need to make sure of the identity of what we are dealing with. We also need to make sure that we discuss the matter deliberately and consciously.

5. God will not give you a gift until he has tried you. God will not give you a destiny unless you are ready for it.

6. We need to learn how to distinguish when our ideas come from us or from the Holy Ghost. We can not just keep saying, “Holy Ghost said”, “Holy Ghost told me”, “Holy Ghost sent me”. Some of these ideas are from you and not from Heaven. We must be careful because then we will become liars. We also must keep in mind that the fear of God gives us wisdom for us to know when it is really the Holy Ghost, the devil or our thoughts.

7. Envy starts from the stomach, It makes your tummy run. When you become jealous it starts from your head. You become weak with a headache and you become dizzy.

8. Anytime you are receiving signals from a sign post, that means the Lord is calling you forth to pray and break loose from the things that speak about the sign post, so it will be out of your life. This also means that if a Divorce sign is calling your attention, pray and call forth a healthy marriage and also that there will be no divorce in your life and marriage.

Convention 20149. If you are not happy about something, please investigate it. If you hear something, and your back and tummy aches then you must check yourself and see if you are envying anyone.

10. A lot of times we are dealing with a spirit and not a person, so when someone is irritating you and putting your destiny and life in harm, it make not even be that person but the spirit inside that person. So look not to the person but to the spirit that is causing you pain and suffering, be wise when you go about this method.

11. God works with humans, so do not despise them or turn away from them when the Lord would like to do something in your life, or when you are pleading to God for help and rescue. It is better to accept the help and not reject it when you want God to help you in your life. But remember to be wise when you are doing this. He uses the humans/people as a sign post to help you succeed in the will and the way of the Lord.
Lessons taken from: Understanding Solutions Prayer, Discovery entities, Harvesting seeds of kindness by Dr. Pauline Walley-Daniels

Summary written by: Sis. Roshane Rowe


It is always good to have a second eye witness, so below is a wonderful summary of what went down during Thursday evening session.

Convention 2014b

“Dr. Pauline Walley – Daniels, preached on a very strong message. This message dealt on Envy, Jealousy and Strife. Dr. Pauline Walley – Daniels, shared on her personal experience about when someone betrayed her and she realized it but couldn’t see it until it was a little too late. I learned that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Sometimes the Spirit  of Envy and jealousy can control our minds so much that when someone that is close to us is prospering in life we get so upset to the point that we start to prophesy on how we feel about the situation. We start to put our self in their place. Saying this like “Why couldn’t I be the one to get that A in class” or “Why couldn’t I be the one to find a perfect person to be with”. These are some examples I came up with to go along with Dr. Pauline Walley – Daniels message. While you are prophesying your tummy starts to run and your head starts to hurt. Your stomach runs because you are envious. Your head starts to hurt because you are jealous. When they both starts to hurt and run you start it causes dizziness and you feel like you want to throw up when you see that person you are envious and jealous of. This is a contention spirit. By doing this you are contending with both the devil and envy and jealousy. Dr. Pauline Walley – Daniels, she compares this with the story of Saul and David. Everyone knows the story of Saul and David. David is a young teenager and wants to fight Goliath. He won the battle against Goliath and ends up being one of Saul’s soldiers. Saul rewarded and decorated David and became very envious of him about how much people were glorifying him. Saul wanted to discourage David with every plan and attempt he made. There were other examples about Attorney and Divorce.”

Summary written by: Sis. Rochelle Rowe (Head of Youth Treasury Department)