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S.O.D. Prophetic World Convention Has Arrived!!!!!! (Jan 16th – Jan 18th, 2014)

SOD Convention Flyer

For the next three days, starting from  today, we will be posting summaries of the sessions that occurred from Thursday Jan 16th to Saturday Jan 18th 2014. 



Lessons learned from the Afternoon Session on Thursday Jan 16th, 2014:

1. When do we say we are in warfare , we have to know what type of warfare we are in? If we do not know the type of warfare we are dealing with then we will not never be properly equipped to defeat the enemy.

2. There are wars that whether or not we know it we get involved automatically and that is when we have to be in warfare. Everyone experiences this, you walk into a store and because the worker was pissed at her boss, she projects her feelings towards you who is happy. Then you both get upset and the war has begun.

3. As a mother, the most important role is to stand next to your child/children to help them grow up wisely in the word of the Lord, whether the relationship is good and bad between mother and child or between the the child/children and the task to be done. This brings in the Bible scripture saying, “Train up a child in the way they should go.” That is what Dr. Pauline and the PWEM did with her youth to succeed in making her youth/children powerful and evolve a deeper relationship with Christ.

4. Reject is a type of war. The reason is, is that it is a war against your prior knowledge, you hard earned money, and your hopes and dreams. Sometimes when people are rejected, they commit suicide – which is a sin. Everyone has experienced a rejection moment, from a loved one, a job, a friend and/ a teacher; the feeling is never right and that is when the war begins to brew.

5. Where there is no love, there is no acceptance. You have to deliberately get someone’s attention so that their love can bring acceptance. You know that feeling of love that you get when the person the Lord has placed in your life acceptances your hand in marriage and through Christ.


6. When you are in a war, you have to be equipped and you have to be equipped when fighting the war of Rejection. But before you can fight that war you must, first and foremost be equipped. You notice that every solider never goes to war without his/her weapon of war because when they arrive on the battlefield without their weapons that being weak and vulnerable in the sight of their opponent. That is why we must be equipped like a solider in the Army.

7. There has to be a war before there is warfare. Hence the word WAR-fare. For it to be considered a war you must be fighting a battle that one will need deliverance from.

8. We have to learn where and when to divide and apply the word of Truth. If we do not know how to do this, the enemy will attack us from all sides since our walls are not strong and secured.

9. We have to stop the friendly fights and identify the enemy. Friendly fights are when you are fighting among your friends and loved one, tossing the blame here and there when in actuality it really is your enemies fault.
Lesson taken from: Introduction of Deliverance Solution Prayer V: Strategies Different Types of Deliverance Warfare by Dr. Pauline Walley-Daniels

Written by: Sis. Roshane Rowe (Social Media Coordinator)