We have Overcome !!!!

“Overcomers’ We Pray We Sang the Holy Ghost Come Down”

       Thanks be to God for letting us live to see another month. For if it wasn’t by His power and love, we would not be here today. The Lord really showed himself this morning at our Sunday service. With the strong and powerful praise and worship, the atmosphere was full of the Lord’s presence. The Lord showed Himself mightily. Everyone could not stop praising and worshiping before the Almighty God. We all came in one accord to lift up the name of Jesus. It was an awesome experience. Just to worship in His sanctuary and forget about every single problem is what the Lord wants us to do and that took place today. Sometimes, we need to do that. We need to stop asking all the time and just say thank you Father. Thank you everything. ! We know that the Lord is working on our side. Some of the songs that were on today’s praise and worship’s list were “Lord You Are Good” by Israel Houghton, “Highest Praise” by Martha Munizzi,” Chasing After You” by Bishop Paul Morton and more. With every hand lifted up and every voice crying unto God, we worshiped like we never worshiped before. God used the youths to lead us in praise and worship. After worshiping, we danced like David before the Lord with the songs “I will Praise Him Everyday” and “Jehovah You are the Most High”. During our time of dancing, the Lord used one of our ministers and told her the word Shabach. Shabach means  “to address in a loud tone, to commend, to triumph, to exclaim, glory, shout”. We definitely shabached before our Creator. The youths once more led us into another song titled “We Have Overcome” by Israel Houghton. We are Overcomers in Jesus’ Name !!! No matter what your going through, tell the devil I have overcame ALL the obstacles and trials in my life by God’s grace. Our minister also encouraged us that everything we need, give it to the Lord. For we know that everything we need, God will provide it for us. We have to have faith. Praise be to God for letting us have a wonderful time in His presence and for Him dwelling among us. I encourage everyone to come and enjoy this wonderful time with us every Sunday. Don’t worry, if you cannot attend Sunday, come on Saturday. See the home page for more details. If you were touched by just hearing about it, imagine being there and feeling His presence all around you. We know that bigger and greater things are going to happen especially our BIG event that is coming  the last week of October going into early November, Overcomer’s Expression. You do not want to miss this. Tell a friend to tell a friend and come out and be blessed with us !!! God Bless You!!