Are You A Pillar or A Caterpillar?

 Pillar vs Caterpillar

Who will win, the choice is yours!!


The good of being a pillar Is that you are the strength of your family, the person everyone comes to for help. The bad of being a pillar is that you forget that God is the strength of you and your family, and whenever people are asking you all the time you feel burdened and want to run away; but we keep forgetting that God is the pillar of us and we should run to him. This brings us to keep in mind that God is ever ready and present to be the pillar in our family and our lives. Passages to look at: Isaiah 41:13 and Psalms 55:22

Now the good of being a caterpillar is that they make the land and nation ready for the new things coming ahead because thy are destroying the old. The bad part is that when you are breaking and destroying things you can be doing that in your household and the church; when you really should be doing that in the house of the Enemy.

We want to be pillars in our household, but then we need to keep in mind that God is the greater pillar because with out him we can not do anything. We also want to be a good caterpillar that destroys the house of the enemy and makes way for the new things that will be happening in our lives.

But remember that we can not be saying that God is our pillar, and we are not depending and leaning in him. Keep in mind that he is in control all the time, but we just have to have faith.


Message done by Sis. Stella
Song: It is Well with My Soul