What is Dating? What is Courtship? What Prepares You For Marriage?

In this corner we have Dating and in the other corner we have Courtship!!

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Let the debate begin!!!

          Today’s message was very intense, so intense that I would love to watch it all over again. Dr.Pauline Walley-Daniels really brought the house down with her message about Marriage and what comes before it. When remembering what she said at the beginning of the message was that “Relationships develop from everywhere.” When she said that, I completely agreed with her, because she explained it through an everyday example. For instance going to the bank, you say hi to the same Banker every Wednesday afternoon, and in the midst of the every Wednesday interaction you develop a relationship with that Banker. That is what she means by “relationships are developed everywhere”.

Dr. Pauline then started to talk about dating, but then there are two types of dating (conscious and unconscious).  Conscious dating is when you and your significant other knows that you are compatible, and you want to discover each other more-but on a friendship level. Unconscious dating is when you and your significant other are just having a grand ole time, talking to each other everyday and just chilling with each other, because you like each other’s company; and it is not until some one, whether a parent or a friend, points out that you spend too much time with each other and that you are compatible. Dating is discovering who you are and who your significant other really is. It is “not for kissing, not for romancing, and not for having sex”- I totally agree with Dr. Pauline on this statement, because in the stage of discovery, your hormones should not be getting in the way of finding the truth in each other.

You need to experience dating because you can not just walk up to a random cute/handsome stranger and say, “Let’s get married”. You will never know who you are marrying because you did not take the time to discover your significant other. One important, is that “Dating is not a time to propose”, the time to propose is when you are 100% percent that you are ready. Dating is the time to “argue and see how you are able to make up with your significant other.” After discovering that you are compatibile with your significant other, begin to take notes and start praying, to ask God if he/she is the one. When dating, “know what you want and do not be pressured”.

Have you ever realized that some men give their girls promise rings in secret, but then when they give their females an engagement ring it is done in public? The reason is because of the confident that the man has in his female, the giving of the promise ring in the Courtship stage is them saying that, “You belong only to me”. And that is saying that, the female keeps her promise on being only his; and then when the man feels confident that she is actually the one, he brings their friends and family around to celebrate the love he has for his female. Then after the Courtship stage is ended, a ring is given, which is called the engagement ring. That explains why a promise ring is called a promise ring and not an engagement ring.

Now I finally understand why relationships happen the way they do. This message was based upon Genesis 2: 21-24 and the Youtube video will be put on the Youtube page in about a week or more.