We’ve Come This Far By Faith!!!!!!!


The Moving and Powerful Faith!!

This weekend was spectacular, the music, the dancers, the singing, the acting, the original rapping artists called “The Holy Ghost Movement” or “The Movement” for short,  the words of advice and the word coming from the Lord was mind-blowing. No part of this weekend was dull, I am beyond amazed that the Youth of Overcomer’s House was able to pull off yet another Out-Of-This-World Youth Extravaganza. I am already thinking about the 3rd annual, which is scheduled for August 3rd, 2013, and what these amazing youths have in store for us.

The building was so packed, that the door had to be opened so that those who had no seat was still able to see and hear. And when the audience was not dancing or singing with the different churches, they were playing a very competitive game of Bible Jeopardy. One of the categorizes were Bible Jokes and each joke had everyone laughing. Awards were even given out to the churches who were present, and respectively prizes were handed to the winners of the Bible Jeopardy.



IMG_1641The Garment of Pride

The 2 part of the 2nd annual Youth Extravaganza was ended with Bro. Chisom Mba doing the Sunday preaching, which was all about Pride. I have to say, that if you just thought that pride was a behavior- oh no you are wrong, pride is a “garment of clothing” that with the help of God can be removed. The one thing that really stood out to me-as being very true, was that even if you have a 30 second conversation, someone will be able to tell if you are filled with pride. When ending the sermon Bro. Chisom did a little test, he asked us to take our pens and drop them on the floor, he then instructed us to ask the person next to us to pick it up for us. This was not only a test for pride, but to also see if the person who was asked, was filled with meekness.

Now I know what to do when I want to test my friends. So now that you know what you missed this year, are you not going to put the next year’s Youth Extravaganza, which is being held on August 3rd, 2013 in your calendars?