What is Faith?


          Dealing with the recent death of a love one is never easy. But it is up to you to not let it turn you away from God, especially after you have been praying for that person to live for a few more years. There is this poem, I forgot the author but it touched the messenger of this testimony and this is what it said…..

                                                                           Faith is…..

To believe when there is no answer

To see purpose in the tragic

To keep the vision even in darkness.

To envision the possibility of God.

To endure as pain demands

To accept unwanted loss

To affirm life fully

To flee death

To see treasure in each moment of begin.

To shut all doors to despite

To unite the broken pieces of life

To dare to live again.


– There is always a time when you give up all hope and you pray so much that you just stop believing. But sometimes you got to go to death row to finally take that step and say “no matter what God has brought me through my past and he will get me through my future.” But it is up to you to actually take that step. Remember you are your only real obstacle.

Message by: Pastor Ebere Mba-Trotmen