Being Alone Isn’t What God Wanted Us To Be


I am so very lonely, Lord I need the bone of my bone!!

“Without relationships, we humans would be isolated in a manner that would make it possible for insecurity and suspicion to destroy our existence” – Chapter 13 “Progressive Relationships”


Well isn’t that something, and here I thought without relationships we can become stronger. In fact I used to separate myself from everyone, because I thought I can do without anyone in my life. But over the years I found out I was wrong and this quote proved me right. I mean, as I am at an age to be thinking of marriage I look around me and see all the lovely couples, and I realize God did not put females and males on earth to be lonely and single. He has put us on earth to experience love and find love.


But the first and foremost thing we all have to know is that God’s love is the number 1 love that will leave us wanting for more. But it is just up to us to open our hearts and let him in. I know, I know times are hard you want to find someone to love you and that is why you want to be in a human to human relationship, but the question is how can you love someone without loving yourself? Think about it, if you open your heart to the Lord, not only would you love him but you would love yourself, because he would be living in you and in your heart.


Blog Based On: Progressive Solution Prayers for Fruitfulness and Fulfillment by Dr. Pauline Walley-Daniels