New Jersey World Convention Reflection and Testimonial 2019

Passage: Psalms 105: 1 – 16; Same way the Lord made way and provided protection for His people, He did the same for us as we journeyed back home. 

1)Deaconess Nora Green: This morning I want to give God thanks for,life and journey mercy. There is one thing that God always does. He prepares us and protect us. The message was just in alignment with whatever was going to take place. She talks about trials, temptaions, and maintaining the presence. One thing she told us no matter what we are going through, whatever we are going through always stand on a scripture. There will be alot of people in our lives wanting to do wrong to us but God is there is carry us when we stand on a scripture I am asking God that when the high mountains come that God will give me a scripture to always stand on. God has done alot of miracles in that convention. For me, it gave me strength and I was able to clean my kitchen floor for the first time in a long time. I give thanks for the message because it is an ontime message.

Sis. Sandra Valentine: I am just thanking God that Inwent to the conference. I have learned how to mainatin the blessings God has given to me. I have learned to maintain the blessing when I am going through the trials and stand with God. This is 2019 and I need to be closer to God. I keep asking God to have less of me and more of him. For me I know that prayer is good and that js the best thing we can do. I know now that when trials are coming, because there are symptoms to trials. I now learned how to approach every trial, because the book tells us. 

2) Sis. Pauline: (Sings: Through it All)I do not know what to,say. I have to practice what I got from the conference yesterday. I was instructed to be careful about the way I speak, because whenever I seem to speak my thought it becomes venom. I came to convention and it uplifted my spirit in so many ways. I am going to practice my speech, and the people around me are going to be surprised. Thank you Dr. Pauline. I got your message and I am taking it with me. Temptation is the one. Everyday of your life you are tempted. I am going to start walking in the light of God. Dr. Pauline starts in the prayer portion in the morning, because the devil is out and about.

Dr. Pauline explains the early morning procedure: The workers of,inequity operate when we are asleep. The enemy attacks early morning, and the spirit presses you down so you can miss your morning prayer with God.

3) Sis. Andrea B.: (Sings: Through it all). It was a pleasure, enjoyed every moment, didn’t even want to leave. Something different happened. In the night I felt like i was having asthma attack and I felt a bit down Saturday morning, but as prayer n personal deliverance  started going on I felt something move and leave me. I was able to praise and felt sooo good after the prayer. I felt more than better afterward!  I told the devil you lose again! I learned never go ahead of God but wait really wait on God. 

4) Deaconess Monica: When God is telling us to get up and start, we better get up and start. I am just overwhelm. I knew there was going to be a move in Jersey. When my fee was paid and my book was paid, I knew there was something going on. When I reach Jersey, my first deliverance session (from Rev. Peace and Dr. Pauline) I had no energy left. It was as if the things that left me, left me empty. But eventually I got filled by the message. With me I feel a new me, I start seeing things that I could not,understand and hear more. I started restraining myself to,control my tongue. I am starting to be obedient. I discussed with my group that I need to wake up more and focus more. It is a lot, but day by day I will be able to do,more. I am halfway there but I,will be fully there in Jesus Name. 

5) Deaconess Roslyn: (Sings: Everywhere I go I will lift him up higher) Abraham was in a situation him n his nephew Lot couldn’t co exist anymore, Lot took was looked like greener more flourishing land. I learned that when we want to make decisions in life what we need is not necessarily what look God wants for us because we are looking though the mind of our flesh. But Abraham took what God gave him n God flourished him in what people would think is unpleasant. Joseph brothers weren’t happy with he idea that they would bow to him according to his dream.  Even on the job when a person new they veterans don’t want to usually hear their idea but we need to ask for wisdom. Temptation can come in a way where it’s the right thing to do but the wrong time n context. Example Jesus in the desert and the devil said to turn stone into bread and its not sinful to eat but at that time it wouldn’t have been right.  In our group a lady feel down the staircase by accident and another group member said she heard in her spirit to lay hands n pray and we said that in this case we will pray without laying hands.

6) Sis. Stella: Jersey was good. The weather was good and we must thank God for that. It was just rain and slush. The preaching about trials and temptation. Temptation is something that you can control. Trial is something that test you. I am going to work and learning when to not lose it, since I work with teenagers. Also I have to learn how to monitor how my words come across. Even when my words are calm they can come across as sarcastic. 

7) Sis. Naa-afi: I want to thank God for what he as done in New Jersey. The devil tried us. I got sick the Wednesday of this week. I couldn’t move. I was throwing up about 4-5 times that night, 4 a.m. in the morning and so forth. I couldn’t even go to work. I had to call out. I prayed and kept on praying because I said I have to be in New Jersey. Thank God he healed me and I was able to go. 
I learned so much from this conference. I learned that there’s a difference between trial and temptation. Trials are examinations of the secret place of the heart. It’s not enough to just hear the word but now put it into action. The trials really examine your heart because it if you’ve been really been studying the word and spend time in God’s presence or just reading a verse and putting the Bible down and going about our day. Temptation is where the devil comes in. Temptation is the snatching of your faith. 
Dr. Pauline also spoke about maintenance. Maintenance is where we do what we have to. We have to follow the instructions. Maintenance is a place of life. In life, pruning occurs. I am going to put these words of wisdom into place.

8) Sis. Brianna: I learned that temptation is when the devil is looking at your life. I learned that God will always give you chances in your trials. Temptation is a place the devil looks at your faith and the quality of your life. Temptation does not give you room to correct yourself. Trial is not for condemnation. In trials your never thrown away, you’ll always have chances. In temptation the devil will not allow you the get a second chance and he will continue to throw temptations in your face. We read Deuteronomy 28.Temptation puts pressure on your life. Pressure can come as discomfort and unrest. Temptation can cause: a) Distraction; b) Lack of the Presence of God; c) Lack of Praying; d) Lack of Focus; a) Stubbornness and Pride. The enemy will manipulate your ability to focus and cause you to be short tempered when you’re counseling.

9) Sis. Roshane: All last week and the past months I have been going through trails and temptations on the job. I went on a challenge where I am to wake up for 5:30 a.m. to do a deeper morning prayer. As I began to do the prayer I noticed a shift. And that week was a heavy week at work, where everything was going wrong. And as everything was going wrong I sang He’ll do it again for me (you), he’s the same now and then. As I sang that song that day I felt the change and I saw the change. The next day something bad happened and I sang: Order my steps in your word dear Lord. And I noticed another change. Then on Friday there was a drastic difference. This all proved that the World Convention was and is going to be powerful. The trails and temptations was on point and the main snippet that stick with me and will keep my for this year is: Trails are there for Christians to experience growth in the Lord and their environment. I am upping my game to 5 a.m. to see what is going to happen in the spiritual realm for me.

10) Sis. Grace: New Jersey was a blessing and the teaching about Abraham and Sarah. It is not everything that you can tell everyone, what God is doing in your life, they may give you advice and it is not what God is asking you to do. I felt like even if God is speaking to you, you will go through a trial. Even if you do nothing, the trials are there to build your faith. And when you are promoted you are mature to sustain in your position. I know that 2019 is going to be explosive. 

11) Rev. Peace: (Sings: You are God from beginning to the end). I want to thank God for Dr. Pauline and for all the overcomes that came. When Dr. Pauline was teaching about Joseph it brought me back to a dream I had. I learned that our own parents, brothers and sisters can become filled with jealousy and envy. Maintenance is what hit me, we need it even in our marriages. I kept on perceiving days before that the Lord is going to do miracles. It is not what we can do. Left to man we would have cancelled the convention, but God provided. I am telling you, do what the Lord is telling you to do. Yesterday Morning Dr. Pauline said we should minister, I was on my knees and could not get up. I want to thank,God because he enables us to do all,things. Maintenance is very deep and wild. We can not do it by ourselves. Then Dr. Pauline talked about correction, and how we react towards those corrections. The words: Thank you and I am sorry should be in your vocabulary. We have to learn how to maintain our walk with God. Forgiveness should be the candy in our pocket and should be quick. If trails do not come into our relationships then it is deception. Relationships that come from the Lord will be tested. Maintenance: whether your car is a new or not you will still need maintenance. We need to maintain ourselves by staying in the presence of the Lord. Dr. Pauline said that ask,for a scripture regarding all areas of,your life. So when the trails and temptations come use it to stand on it. The blood of Jesus can not speak on your behalf of you are not connected with God. A relationship must always be pruned. A trail will come, a test will come, be mindful of how you at. Surgery is very painful, and a trail is a place where you develop maturity.

12) Rev. Althia: (Sings: God is good all the time) I did not know that the theme of the conference. We walked the walk, through trails and temptations. The enemy did everything to not let us go to New Jersey. But we made it through the trails and tribulations. It is in the valley when trouble,comes. It is in the valley where you experience the test, trails, and temptations that will push you further, that will have you start crying unto God, that will have you praying like you never have before, that will have you so low that all you can do is but look to God.

These testimonies are just a taste of what God is doing in our lives through the School of Deliverance World Convention.