Happy Mothers’ Day

Hahahahaaaaaa…. happy mothers day to all women – spiritual mothers,  god mothers, natural mothers,  emotional mothers, financial mothers, school mothers,  church mothers, foster mothers, mentoring mothers, coaching mothers, teaching mothers,  cooking mothers, house mothers, cleaning mothers, washing mothers and all other mothers….
If you have ever raised, supported, assisted,  your nieces, nephews,  cousins,  grand children,  you are a type of a mother. Be encouraged,  for the Lord is with you!
The God of Sarah, Hannah and Elizabeth is still the same yesterday,  today  and forever. He is still alive and active. He is still making the impossible to become possible.  He is the God of Divine Encounter and Intervention. Hahaha… hallelujah.!
Your efforts shall never be in vain.
Motherhood is a blessing 
Motherhood is a gift.
Motherhood is an offering
Motherhood is a sacrifice
Motherhood is reproduction
Motherhood is fertility
Motherhood is continuity
Motherhood is sustenance
May we enjoy the blessings of Motherhood!
May our children respect and honor us!
May our children love and accept us!
May our children never perish!
May our children fear the Lord!
May our children serve the Lord
Hahahahaaaaaa…. happy mothers day with love
From Pauline Walley Evangelistic Ministries and Overcomers House.
(C) 2017 Dr. Pauline Walley-Daniels
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