Day Three of School of Deliverance World Convention

Date: Saturday January 17, 2016


Dr. Pauline explaining that it is good to ask God questions, instead of just telling him what you want.

This year for our School of Deliverance World Convention, The Lord used his daughter Dr. Pauline Walley-Daniels to teach us more about intercession. Dr. Pauline broke down the information that we people of God need in order to intercede for one another and on behalf of one another.

A few points that were touched up on during Day 3 was:

  1. Intercessory prayer has a language, just like God has a language for everything.
  2. When praying or fasting, make sure you are doing it on God’s legal grounds.
  3. Asking gives you an opportunity to see the hidden things of God.
  4. When praying you need to give God time to speak back to you, when he is speaking back, you must be silent and listen. If you are thinking a lot during the quiet time of your prayer, you are not allowing God to speak to you.
  5. In the realms of attention, do not allow the enemy to tempt you.
  6. Hearing means you have the opportunity to ask a question if you don’t
    understand. If you don’t hear, you will never get to ask the question.
  7. There are times we can easily correct the atmosphere while worshiping God, by setting a new tone or attitude.

Dr. Pauline Walley-Daniels comparing a muscle cramp when running a race, to that of a trial in our life.