Need Help Finding and Getting Rid of Curses?



While reading Dr. Pauline Walley Daniels’ book I realized that this book is not a reading book. Oh no! It is an instructional prayer guide. Does anyone know what a curse is? Well let me tell you Dr. Pauline’s definition which is, “A stubborn problem or affliction; A stubborn problem that generated into a curse over time.” Hmmm! Ever heard of a certain thing called a cycle? A cycle is a series of events that regularly repeat itself in the same order (according to the Google search engine dictionary).

       Going back to the definition of “curse”, it is a problem or a nuisance that defies solution. Defying solution brings to mind the word “cycle.” However, before you know the solution of a curse you are dealing with, you must know the type. You have many types of curses from what I read from Dr. Pauline’s book. I will tell you few. Natural cursesare the curses earned by disobeying the laws of the Almighty God. Accursed Characteris a curse that has a satanic stronghold over your character, which is also known as your identity. Interactive Curse is a more behavioral curse where you have no self-control over your action, in any manner of conversation, or anything that contradicts the word of God.

          So, now that you have a little hint of what types of curses there are out there, what are the solutions to these curses? You have two types of solutions, one is breaking, and the other is uprooting. From my understanding and example that is always in my head, you have to think of a curse like a tree. You can break and chop off the annoying limbs, but the tree itself will remain there. This is what you call providing temporary or partial solution without touching the root matter of the curse. This is what breaking means. When you want to get rid of the tree itself, you will have to uproot and cast aside the tree stump. This is what you call providing a permanent solution where the curse is no more in existence, this is what uprooting means.

       It’s shocking right? I know, I mean as a person who loves to learn, I can think of many different ways on how to explain breaking and uprooting curses, from Dr. Pauline’s view and anyone else’s. I bet you are thinking, but there are so many gaps in your summary. Well, you just have to buy and read Dr. Pauline’s new book to in-fill those gaps.


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