7 Things That We As Christian Mothers Should Keep In Mind

7 Things That We As Christians Mothers Should Keep In Mind

Happy Mothers Day 20151. Motherhood does not necessarily mean you have a child.

2. There are two folds of motherhood: Physical and Spiritual. God emphasis the need of a spiritual mother. Where your mother may curse you but your Spiritual mother will bless you.

3. There are certain things we take for granted and one of those things is our Mother. Never take your mother for granted. Because anything she says against you, it will follow you.

4.  You can not be a good mother if you are not born again. (Our children see their mother as someone important). If you are servicing God, service him well because the children are watching you.

5. Most single mothers are very protective, this cause the mother not to believe the complaints about their child. Mother need to learn how to listen so that children can learn how to grow.

6. Excellent quality about a mother is being a praying mother. Mothers need to start praying for their children partners so that they are placed in a relationship that is Hod fearing an filled with love. So mothers start praying for your their partners now.

7. As a mother the words you speak to your children are very important. So speak life into their lives.

Stay Blessed! Happy Mother’s Day!!