Day 4 of the 18th Annual Divine Encounter 2015

5/2/15 – Saturday – 18th Divine Encounter 

Divine Encounter 2015 Day 4c

Tonight Dr. Alice Smith, our guest Speaker shifted from teaching about intercession and has expressed the need for the people of God to become the bride of Christ. Here are a few overall points that were memorable:Divine Encounter 2015 Day 4d

  1. Just as a deer longs and yearns for the water that he was deprived of from the many hours of having to stay in hiding to hide from the harsh sun; Jesus wants us to long for him with that much longing and yearning, just like a deer. (Passage: Isaiah 54:5)
  2. Jesus calls you and I his bride. We cannot be a bride for Christ until we have experienced salvation (being born again). After being saved we wear the robe of righteousness. (Passage: Jeremiah 2:1-2, 20, 32/ Jeremiah 3:1-6, 14, 20/ Isaiah 61:10) When we received salvation we got married to Jesus. But he wants to know where is the bride that is will to consummate the marriage and Divine Encounter 2015 Day 4bbecome pregnant with his mission for the world. He is looking for the bride, whom he laid down his life for and is willing to do his mission because of his greatest sacrifice.
  3. Your school and job are worthy but where is that moment where you shut yourself form the world and ask God to use you and allow yourself to get pregnant in order to pray for the people or nations who need to be prayed for.


Now Are You Ready to be the Bride of Jesus?