Day 3 of the 18th Annual Divine Encounter 2015

5/2/15 – Saturday – 18th Divine Encounter 

Divine Encounter 2015 Day 3b

Tonight Dr. Alice Smith, our guest Speaker expressed the exact meaning of interceding for someone and standing in the gap for those close to us or that we know. Here are a few overall points that were memorable:

During Session 1 Dr. Alice Smith taught us the 7 Steps of Maturity in Christ


  1. Salvation: You are first born again
  2. Separation: Separating yourself from the world and the sin that comes with it
  3. Dedication: You dedicate your life to Christ (Keep in mind you cannot be totally dedicated to Christ if you have not received salvation and separated yourself from sin.)Divine Encounter 2015 Day 3a
  4. Service: The roles and actions you do in the church and or for the church, and by doing this it gives honor to God.
  5. Suffering: We experience this due to lack of faith and sin. God allows this to happen.
  6. Godliness: You are walking in the will of God after going through the trials and tribulations that you experience.
  7. Reproduction: By going through these steps and overcoming all your suffering, people around you will see how you got through it and want to be like you (a born again Christian)

During Session 2 Dr. Alice Smith explained Warfare and the many signs of there being a break in our intercession period. That break is a rest period for the Lord to take over.

  1. Divine Encounter 2015 Day 3cSigns of the break in intercession: (1) Restful peace comes over you and then you just sigh as if to say: It is done. (2) If you have been crying, the tears are likely to stop. (3) The bubbling of joy from within. (4) A confident reassurance that something has happened. (5) Angry against the enemy leaves; (6) The Holy Spirit speaks to you (Passage: Colossians 3:15). Just like when a baseball player is running and following the voice of the coach. The umpire is the one who makes the call once the player makes it to the home plate. If you are safe that means you have fulfilled the mission and have obtained the peace; if you do not get the peace then that means you are out and need to pray some more about the topic.Divine Encounter 2015 Day 3d
  2. Two kinds of approaches to warfare: (1) Warfare prayer – We are praying to God but using warfare terminology and asking Him to deliver the answer and the person. (2) Warfare – Not talking to God but have direct confrontation with the adversary. We need to exercise care so that we are not in constant warfare instead of warfare prayer. This hinders the Christian from becoming better in Christ.

During Session 3 Dr. Alice Smith explained what the three levels of Heaven are. She also explained the three major group of gifts in the Bible and so much more.

  1. Our Body = First Heaven (You can see it and touch it); Unseen world = Second Heaven (Angelic and Demonic Spirits have battles); God’s Throne = Third Heaven (the very presence of God).
  2. If you are a dream it is critical that you keep a journal where you date it in the Divine Encounter 2015 Day 3fbook, write the essence of the dream, then write your own interpretation of the dream. You need to know you dream language: Some people see hair, cars and other items that are close to their hearts that they can interpret.
  3. A season intercessor holds 80% of what they receive from God but tells 20%, but it is for you to carry the assignment in prayer.
  4. There are three groups of gifts listed in the Bible, but remember all gifts are governed by love: (1) Ministry gifts – Apostle, Prophet, Evangelistic, Pastor, and Teacher (Ephesians 4:11-12). (2) Motivational gifts – prophecy, giver, minister/counselor, exhortation, teacher, administration/ leadership, showing mercy (Romans 12: 6-8). (3) Manifestation gifts – Word of wisdom, word of knowledge, working of miracles, gift of healing, gift of faith, discerning of spirits, diverse of tongues, interpretation of tongues, prophesy (1 Corinthians 12:4-11).
  5. There is power in proximity and when we are separated there is chaos, and so we need to be together in order to conduct a good effective corporate prayer. Roles: Prayer list; Crisis; Leaders; Spiritual Warfare; Prophetic Intersession; Variety (can change the tone of the prayer); and Prayer for the Nations.
  6. The two most gifts that are most wounded and leave the church are: Spiritual Warfare leader and Prophetic Intercession.
  7. Keep in mind, the person that is praying is the loudest in the group. We cannot come to an agreement if everyone is screaming over one another.Divine Encounter 2015 Day 3e