Day 2 of the 18th Annual Divine Encounter 2015

5/1/15 – Friday Night – 18th Divine Encounter 

Divine Encounter 2015 Day 2c

Tonight Dr. Alice Smith, our guest Speaker expressed the exact meaning of interceding for someone and standing in the gap for those close to us or that we know. Here is a summary of what when down tonight by our own Sis. Grace Tackie:

“We must be faithful with the little that God has given us so that when He is ready to bless with more we are have the skill and experience to handle promotion. Do not covet the things of others because God will bless you and honor you in due season. His timing is always always always the perfect timing.”

Here are a few overall points that were memorable:

  1. All prayer is not intercession, but all intercession is prayer. This is because with pray you are praying for yourself, on the other hand, when interceding you are Divine Encounter 2015 Day 2apraying for someone else.
  2. When wanting to prayer, do not force yourself to pray for 5, 6, 7 hours because then you will frustrate yourself and stop loving God. The key is to be who you are, if you have to start small then start small. After a while the time you spend praying will increase over time. So pray when and wherever it is best for you.
  3. When praying for someone else we are to not pray for: Judgement upon someone; our will upon someone. But we are to plead for mercy for someone, because Jesus pleaded mercy for us upon the mercy seat.
  4. Job describes an intercessor as a mediator in the Book of Job 33: 19-30. He says that the mediator says to spare the man from going down to the pit (going to hell) and the man is asking that the victim receives favor from God.
  5. We do not move into warfare without receiving the legal right to operate and intercede for someone while conducting deliverance. Once the enemy makes known its presence and challenges your spiritual authority whether as a pastor or an intercessor in Christ.
  6. Premature responsibility breeds superficiality officially. Which means that you can know the plan but you must know what to do with those plans. This means we must be strategically waiting for God to act out those plans.
  7. Our primary job is to minister to God, after all we were created in his image. If we Divine Encounter 2015 Day 2blike it when we are surrounded by people who lift us up and encourage us. Then that means God likes the same thing.
  8. True intercession is when we are seeing it in Heaven and we pray the change into Earth.