Day 1 of the 18th Annual Divine Encounter 2015

4/30/15 – Thursday Night – 18th Divine Encounter 

Divine Encounter 2015 Day 1

Tonight Dr. Alice Smith, our guest Speaker broke down the role of intercession and here are a few points in which stuck with us:

  1. Intercession – the prayer and communication that the Lord wants us to have is not limited to this. Intercession is when you go between or stand in the gap of something. When we learn how to properly intercede, we learn how to properly stand in the gap for someone who is in need.
  2. Everyone is focused on the outer courts but God is focused on the inner courts (our spirit and soul). He wants us to learn how to focus on the two-thirds (spirit and soul), and not focus majorly on the one-third (body).
  3. We all will be focused in different roles at different times. For example, not all Christians have to gift of mercy but should function in the role of mercy. You cannot force yourself to pray for 4-5 hours straight if that is not the spiritual gift you have inside of you.
  4. Several hindrances that stop us from touching the heart of God. Some are (1) Unforgiveness; (2) Unbelief (Faith is the substance of things hoped for ad the evidence of things not seen); (3) Generational iniquities (the leaning of the forefathers to wicked sins, and the patterns that pop up in the family linage). Once you have gotten over the unforgiveness, the unbelief and cut the cord of generational iniquity, we can finally connect ourselves to Jesus and do the will of Him.
  5. Unbelief is a mindset that goes against God’s belief. When we think about the problems that we get taken over by the stronghold of unbelief, it overwhelms us and causes us to not see and touch the heart of God.
  6. There are many of us in our lives where we have come to know Jesus and acknowledge who he is. But because of the generations past that are connected to us by a spiritual umbilical cord, we keep going through it and are always dragged along by it. Once we say: Enough is enough! I cut that umbilical cord from my generational life right now. In Jesus Name! (Passage: Galatians 5:1)

Here is a summary of what when down tonight by our own Sis. Nnenna Kalu:

An intercessor is a person that serves as a bridge for someone to connect with Jesus.  As intercessors we get intercessory triggers which are concepts that come to mind that tell us that we need to pray for someone. This is a particular assignment that the Lord has given us. When praying for that person God has brought to your spirit you will feel peace when you have pin pointed what God wanted you to pray for that particular person.