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Prayer for Environmental Protection – S.O.D. World Convention

New Jersey 9th Annual World Convention


Saturday- Morning to Evening Sessions

Passage of the Convention: “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” – 2 Timothy 2:15

Convention 2014d

Lessons that was learned during the morning and evening session:

1. If a mission is not nurtured, it does not grow. To make sure that your mission is put forth you have to become closer to God.

2. You need to deliver things out of the enemy’s hands in the spirit so that it may manifest in the physical. So that you will have new goals, new ambitions, new visions and a lot more Heavenly new things.

3. Before you pray for someone you have to secure your surroundings with prayer and fasting. With securing, praying and fasting comes training being done before you get on the field. You can not do it while the battle is going on, you will give the enemy advantage.

4. Securing your environment means you are investigating and examining the environment to makes sure you are protected and armed properly.

5. Your environment must have an identity, that means it must have a border. Doors, walls, fences and rails are usually used as borderlines. You are able to control how far someone can go in your own house, or can move in your space.

6. Our spiritual environment does affect our achievement at the end of the day. So don’t think that it is your physical that makes the big decision on whether the day is good or day, no it is how well your spirit was in regards to your face to face interaction throughout your day.

7. The environment you come from affects the process of the war and the process of the war at the battlefront. You need to ask yourself these questions; Who are you fighting for? Who are you against?

8. If someone offends you and the cycle of 7 days, 14 days pass it starts to affect you, but after 21 days the roots have already formed and harden, so the roots and the pain does not go away because of the long period. So make sure that you are talking about the problems you experience, so that it does not put you in a vicious cycle. Remember it is not the offender that feels chains and bond but the offendee (you).

9. We must be very careful that when people put up accusations that you do not join the bandwagon, we may not know that a simple word can cause us to backslide but yes, even our thoughts can set us back. So we must be careful. Please be careful what you say in regards to people.
Lesson taken from: Chapter 6: Prayer for Environmental Protection from Deliverance Solution Prayers by Dr. Pauline Walley-Daniels

Written by: Sis. Roshane Rowe (Social Media Coordinator)

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                          “Prayer(s) of petition is an earnest request done to seek divine intervention beyond human comprehension. Dr.Pauline Walley-Daniels also touched on how revelations are for us to work and put things into action. Then we moved into protecting our spiritual environment. In order to protect our spiritual environment we have to know the human environment. We have to be able to build territorial walls against demonic invasions. When your praying, yo u do not just bind and loose whatever it may be at the same time because the same way you bind (them) up you then go ahead and begin to loose it, opening yourself back to what you attempted to get release from.

Most importantly we learned about the essence of deliverance; receiving deliverance is separating yourself from the constant (sin) for good in order to receive freedom and release from it.”

Summarized/Experienced by: Sis. Chiji Kalu (Youth Treasury Assistant)

 Convention 2014h

Lessons learned during the Saturday Evening Session

1. The Bible says, that if someone has offended you tell that person, if they do not listen, then bring a mediator to come help, if they still do not listen then you have to bring in a higher up authority to negotiate the results of the problems, and if the person still does not listen that means you are free. You did everything you could for that person, which means that you tried to make things right but the person is too hardheaded to go along, so then you are free because you actually tired.

2. Legal grounds means that if somebody does something, you must make sure to check what the Bible says about the matter, before you bring forth the case. With every court case both parties must have plausible evidence to back up each person’s case.

3. It is not when you go to Heaven that God judges you, it is when you are on earth. Which means that your work on earth determines where you will be after death.

4. Do not believe everything people says because even with proof it can be a lie, because it could have been created just to deceive you. But you must believe the word of the Lord, which was written years ago and is still in effect today.

Lesson taken from: Chapter 7: Legal Grounds from Deliverance Solution Prayers by Dr. Pauline Walley-Daniels

Written by: Sis. Roshane Rowe (Social Media Coordinator)

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