Welcome To Pauline Walley Evangelistic Ministries (PWEM)

Pauline Walley Evangelistic Ministries (PWEM) spreads the
gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through healing and
deliverance, poetry, music, drama and publications.

Dr. Pauline Walley is an ordained Prophet – evangelist who
teaches the Word of God with dramatic demonstrations. She is
anointed by the Holy Spirit to teach the gospel

Our Services & Service Times

We are a non-denominational congregation and our services are open to all

  • Tuesdays – Intercessory Prayer & Bible Studies: 7:00 -9:00p.m
  • Thursdays – Intercessory Fire Zone: 5:00 – 7:00a.m
  • Friday Night Vigil (First week of the month) – 9:00p.m – 1:00a.m
  • Saturdays – Healing and Deliverance Service: 2:00 -5:00p.m
  • Sundays – Prophetic Worship Service: 11:00a.m -1:00p.m
  • Solution Counseling Center – Tuesdays to Thursdays: By Appointment: 12 noon to 6:00p.m
  • Saturdays Walk-ins @ 12:00noon – 2:00p.m
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