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The Lord’s done a lot for us. Here you can share what He’s done through Dr. Pauline and the Ministry. It’s testimony time guys! Oh and don’t be afraid to talk about past events or even her books that you’ve read. Share all the great stuff. You were there for Overcomers’ Expression, we want to hear about it; you came to New Jersey, well why don’t you tell us. We’re a deliverance ministry, so let’s talk about deliverance :).

Make sure to also tell us all about what the Lord did in 2012 and what you’re expecting for 2013. It is a new year after all.



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9 thoughts on “Feedback, Comments, and Testimonies

  1. Mendez Josephs

    Dr. Walley-Daniels,

    Just want you to know that my husband and I are participating in your 8-day fast and just came off your prayer line. We were deeply moved by your prayers and could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. We know that God is going to move in a mighty way in our lives this year, and we will be sharing our success with you so that God can be glorified!

  2. Dr. Pauline Walley-Daniels

    Thanks for joining us in the prayer fast for progressive prosperity and possibility. May your needs be met. May your lives never be the same again. Stay blessed.

  3. chizzyi200

    Have been very blessed by Dr. Pauline.

  4. ruthysmiles7

    I’ve had the privilege of attending all 8 of the School of Deliverance World Conventions held in New Jersey. I’ll be honest, initially I felt that everything under the sun had been tackled already, so whatever I was about to hear and learn would be nothing new. I was of course, wrong. Dr. Pauline taught us about covenants, oaths, vows, ordinary promises and soul-ties. During those three intense days, I took note of the things being taught, but the reality of the mistakes made by activities we may have indulged in unknowingly at a young age or even knowingly as we currently speak, did not hit me until we got into our designated groups. Each person was prayed for and thanks be to God for the things He caused people to recall to memory. As those things were recalled, they were immediately tackled with the prayer tactics God provided for us through Dr. Pauline. I could not believe that making little promises to people could in the long run affect a person’s destiny, because it was not carried out. A lot of us were not aware that when promises, agreements, and the such are not fulfilled there are repercussions that follow. Just think about it, every job you apply for you don’t get. You get married ,but eventually it disintegrates. Nothing you do flourishes. Why? Take a walk down memory lane and see if you made any vows or covenants you did not keep. It doesn’t even have to be between you and your fellow man or woman, consider the ones you’ve also made with God. The Lord reveals to redeem. If you missed this convention I encourage you to buy the tape, you need to start and receive your deliverance now! God wants to release you from all those unfulfilled promises, vows, covenants and soul-ties. At least try to meet God half way because He’s already waiting for you.

    Just my mini- experience:

    That person who gets intimidated by large groups of people, whose body begins to quiver when called to talk in front of a crowd…yeah that’s me. I can testify that on the first day I had nerves running through my body because I am part of the Overcomer’s Voices (praise and worship team), and it was time to praise and worship God. I did not know how some of these people would receive the songs. Would it minister to them? Would they think we sounded bad? All these questions bombarded me. Half the team was not there so I and my god-sister took charge. In a matter of minutes I went from feeling bound by the fear and nervousness to and feeling a type of release. Freedom was in the atmosphere. I reminded myself that I was doing this for God and God only, and from there I praised and worshiped God like I have never ever done before! Who wouldn’t want to worship and praise in freedom. From Thursday night through to Saturday night, the presence of God could be felt. It was truly amazing. The objective of this convention was to get a release and I got mine the first day! ūüôā Praise be to the Almighty God!

    If you did not get the chance to attend this year, there’s always next year. Make sure you don’t miss it! I had work that weekend and called out because I know my deliverance is more important than money, besides the job that God Himself provided for me, will be there when I get back.Take that leap of faith and register. See you there! God bless!

  5. Brenda Mckenzie

    Dr Pauline,the New Jersey school of Ministry was awesome,i still feel the freedom that i have experienced,where you were used by God to bring the truth out on.How to quit unfulfilled promises and vows and the release i felt.The attacks on my life for the past year was overbearing but

    God never fails i have been strengthened ,my prayer life revived.thank you ,thank you i thank God for you and your Ministers,i am looking forward for more testimonies in the future connected with your Ministries.Your book Strategic Deliverance Solutions is like no other book i have ever studied and its a new thing for me ,because all the deliverance manuals and books i had were all destroyed by hurricane sandy ,you are special Dr Pauline.Thank you.thank you Jesus.


    Praise the name of the Almighty God whose Mercy Endures for ever. The just ended World School of Deliverance,held in New Jersey was a great blessing for me and my family who attended.The Wisdom ,Knowledge and Revelations demonstrated by the Woman of God ;Dr Pauline Walley-Daniels in her teaching of God’s word was mind blowing. The awesome Presence of God was visible in the Praise and worship, and in the Work Groups. Before coming to the Conference,I have been asking the Lord for some pertinent questions in my life ,family and especially my marriage, I needed a word from the Lord, and sure HE gave it to me ‘ Forgive,surrender and above all Submit ‘, and HE will do the rest.For the past years,after the conference, while we drive back to our state ,there is always big quarreling in the car between me and my husband. That is how the devil comes and robbed us of our blessings for the year. This time around he tried so hard, but was defeated, because, the LORD already declared that we have been Released.. I took that Prophetic Word, and together with everybody in the van, we went into high praise to the Lord. Since then i have regain my peace,joy and confidence ,And i am believing God to bring all His promises to pass in my life, family marriage and ministry.Thank you so much DR PAULINE-DANIELS, for allowing God to use you in setting the captives free,and healing the broken heart through your total surrender and obedience. Many thanks also go to the dedicated OVERCOMER’S WARRIORS-The men and women who humbly serve under You, May the Almighty God bless and enlarge your territory this year 2013 in JESUS NAME . AMEN

  7. Millicent Cullum

    I recently attended Dr. Pauline Walley-Daniels‚Äô 8th School of Prophetic Deliverance World Convention, which was held in New Jersey. I was truly blessed. The focused topic was ‚ÄúRelease: How to Quit Unfulfilled Promises and Vows.” It was very insightful and informative, providing me with effective biblical principles on the process of ‚ÄúRelease‚ÄĚ found in Deuteronomy 15:1-9 and Luke 4:18-19.
    Dr. Daniels explained how people commit themselves and their families to vows and curses; thereby linking destiny of their families to demonic spirits, which hold them in bondage in numerous ways. She also explained to us the role of repentance, forgiveness and making amends plays in the ‚ÄúRelease‚ÄĚ deliverance process. I thank God for Dr. Daniels who is fulfilling the call of God to pull down satanic strongholds and set the captives free.
    If you were not able to attend I encourage you to purchase her latest book, ‚ÄúStrategic Deliverance Solutions (Discover and Destroy Ancestral Curses),‚ÄĚ because it will be very beneficial to you and your family members, providing you with a well of knowledge and wisdom needed to destroy ancestral curses.

  8. Grace T

    The 8th New Jersey World Convention was absolutely amazing !!! Come and see the move of God like never before. From thursday to saturday the enlightening teachings opened our eyes and instigated personal convictions. we learned that in our lives we make covenants and promises knowingly and unknowingly. When we do not keep those promises we make way for the enemy to rob us of our blessings. Those covenants especially ungodly ones then establish legal grounds for us for satan to mess with that area of lives whether it be financial, marital, or in our family lives. Not only did she expose the problem she gave solutions. We had to pray for release and think back on any covenants or promises we made that may be reason to why we currently experience issues and attacks on a spiritual level. What was genuine about this conference was that I could feel the presence of God for myself. Not only did i see other people under the anointing but I was received and felt touched by the glory of God.

    The Lord moved mightily during the deliverance and ministration sessions. You could see the Lord delivering people from all types of pains and hurts and spiritual frustration from evil.
    If anyone is seeking deliverance , release and a personal encounter with God, a deeper understanding of His word, come to this conference next year. The worship is heartfelt, the teachings are practical and filled with wisdom, and God is on this place. Don’t miss next years convention because if you don’t experience for yourself you will be curious.

  9. Shappire93

    Thank you so much for commenting. Enjoy your day and I will try to keep them updated!!

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