Day Three of NJ SOD World Convention 2015

10th School of Prophetic-Deliverance World Convention 2015

Day 3: Saturday Session January 17, 2015


On the last day of every event one can still learn something new and so the following will be learning experiences taught through the teachings and through the group sessions. The topic taught today was a powerful and personal one:

1. Suicide is a destructive spirit and if you do participate in suicide you will end up in hell. The reason is because God did not call you home yet.
2. By calling suicide upon your life you have just aborted the destiny of your family. Will each family member comes 7 other people behind them (future generations). So when you call forth that spirit of early death, you are aborting and killing off those 7 people (future generations).
3. When a mother or father is yelling or pronouncing negative things to their children. The spirit of death begins to float around the atmosphere in the house becomes haunted and so does the soul. Ever walked into the room and your body feels the angry words spoken to you by your family member(s)? That is the spirit being left in the atmosphere because a cleaning spirit of peace, or comfort, or forgiveness did not manifest and stop haunting the soul of the person, victim or family.

By: Sis. Roshane Rowe (Head of Social Media)

Saturday3Another fellow Overcomer’s seed, Janae Martin, learned something and what she said was awesome:

“When you are going through a bad time in your life, and you pray, then your situation gets better. Then you stop praying. You shouldn’t stop praying when good things are happening.”

Next during the group session our Sis. Georgia Grant really enjoyed herself:

“We were talking about Jezebel and that she was a powerful woman, but the spirit that she had in her was not of God. So if people call you Jezebel, you should reject it because you do not want the spirit that she had, which was the governmental controlling spirit. Also, sometimes when you have a dream it is not always something bad because if you dream that God is giving you bread, it is a good thing. Because it means you will never lack and that God’s favor is upon you. Also with dreams that are bad, which are pertaining to you, you should not just pray for yourself only but for each generation that you are linked to.”

At the end of the day even our visitors enjoyed the presence and learned from the Lord’s servant Dr. Pauline Walley- Daniels:Saturday4

“I felt informed, liberated, and equipped. I learned about the different interfere if spirits, and about the varies forms of attack. It’s important to have the spirit of discernment to know the function of the spirit that is operating. I didn’t know I needed a solution, but I came and I thought I was only learning but by coming I learned that I was in a situation and I found that help.” – Beatriz Baldwin

“I feel more knowledgeable. I feel liberated. I feel like I am ready to start anew. I learned about interfering spirits and about the tactics about how the enemy operates. I felt during the groups session: Great, loved that it was informative, loved that we could be more personal. I felt like a student and it felt safe.” – Yadira Walters (from West Hudson Christian Center in Kearny, NJ)

We are happy to say that this year has definitely started and will end as a year of Progressive Rest and Freedom!!!!!

Saturday 5