Happy Mothers’ Day

Hahahahaaaaaa…. happy mothers day to all women – spiritual mothers,  god mothers, natural mothers,  emotional mothers, financial mothers, school mothers,  church mothers, foster mothers, mentoring mothers, coaching mothers, teaching mothers,  cooking mothers, house mothers, cleaning mothers, washing mothers and all other mothers…. If you have ever raised, supported, assisted,  your nieces, nephews,  cousins,  grand children,…

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Comment on our recent graduation and our upcoming award and ordination dinner for a prize! From the above menu go to “The Ministry” -> “Feedback & Testimonies” -> “Graduation 2015 Testimonies” to comment on the graduation and “The Ministry” -> “Feedback & Testimonies” -> “Award & Ordination Dinner 2015 Testimonies” to comment on the upcoming award dinner! Or, you can click the links below.

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But can you, will you say Yes to God?

Team work, is sometimes hard work but life changing work when God is in it! Working on a theme for a big event is not as easy as one believes. First it takes someone to come up with an idea. Second it takes the whole group to agree on the idea. Lastly it takes the…

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What is Faith?

            Dealing with the recent death of a love one is never easy. But it is up to you to not let it turn you away from God, especially after you have been praying for that person to live for a few more years. There is this poem, I forgot…

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Feedback, Comments, and Testimonies

The Lord’s done a lot for us. Here you can share what He’s done through Dr. Pauline and the Ministry. It’s testimony time guys! Oh and don’t be afraid to talk about past events or even her books that you’ve read. Share all the great stuff. You were there for Overcomers’ Expression, we want to…

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