Happy Mothers’ Day

Hahahahaaaaaa…. happy mothers day to all women – spiritual mothers,  god mothers, natural mothers,  emotional mothers, financial mothers, school mothers,  church mothers, foster mothers, mentoring mothers, coaching mothers, teaching mothers,  cooking mothers, house mothers, cleaning mothers, washing mothers and all other mothers…. If you have ever raised, supported, assisted,  your nieces, nephews,  cousins,  grand children,…

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Intercessory Prayer Breakfast & Fund Raising (8-27-16)

Pauline Walley Evangelistic Ministries   Presents  Intercessory Prayer Breakfast & Fund Raising   For  The Nations of Ghana: Donate Equipment for Disability Needs  School Supplies and Financial Support For Adults and children    Venue: Overcomers’ House 686 East 219 Street, Bronx NY 10467   Date: Saturday August 27th, 2016 Time: 11:00am –1:00pm   Registration Donation: $10 (Brunch will be served)   Contact: Office: 17186522916 Evg. Renna: 3475834701/ Deac. Nora: 6467024663   Email: paulinewalley@yahoo.com Website: www.paulinewalley.org & www.pwdi.org…

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